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Best R&B Songs About Sex

The Sounds of Seduction ...


'Love After War,' Robin Thicke

On "Love After War," Robin Thicke sings about the inevitable making up process that comes after a couple has a big fight: "Ooh, it's a knockout baby, you won the fight, I said I'm sorry that I acted like a selfish child/Please forgive me baby ... you know I can make it right," he sings.

'Birthday Sex,' Jeremih

This song completely oozes sex appeal from beginning to end. It remains to be seen if Jeremih (it's pronounced jer-uh-my) will remain just a one-hit wonder or not, but even if he is, he's made birthdays even more of a special day for many with this song.

'Lazy Love,' Ne-Yo

Ever been with someone who's so good in bed they make you wanna just stay physically attached to them all the time? And the sex is so good that it makes you neglect or forget about your everyday responsibilities, like your job? If so, then you can probably relate to Ne-Yo's "Lazy Love."

'Bed,' J. Holiday

Using a very clever metaphor, J. Holiday put a whole new spin on seduction on his hit song "Bed." Holiday had girls from Paris, France to Paris, Texas swooning over this song that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'getting tucked in.'

'Give It to Me Right,' Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona's "Give it To Me Right" is a highly addictive track about needing a man who knows how to properly handle his business in the bedroom. It's sexy without being too sexual and gets a point across without being explicit. "I don't want it all the time, But when I get it, I better be satisfied, So give it to me right, Or don't give it to me at all," she sings.

'Bump N Grind (Remix),' R. Kelly

Cover © Jive Records.
A song so powerful, it inspired a new name for sex songs: "bump and grind music." But my words won't do this song justice, so instead, here's a sample of the track's opening lyrics: "Sit down on the couch, Take your shoes off/Let me rub your body before I tear it off/The honey lover man is ready to flex/Girl flex, time to have sex/We'll start right here and work our way around/I won't stop until I hear the 'oooh, aah' sound." R. Kelly may allegedly be a pervert, but damned if he doesn't know how to do music.
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