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Best R&B Party Songs

Party Up ...


Everybody likes to party and have a good time, right? Right. But picking out music for having fun can be serious business. That's where this list comes in: it contains some song suggestions - some obvious, others not so much - for partying to. Whether you're at a BBQ or house party, getting ready to hit the club, or even a school function, the songs on this list can not only help you keep the party movin', but might also help you collect compliments on your taste in music.

1. 'Run It!,' Chris Brown feat. Juelz Santana

This song, which jump-started Chris Brown's career and turned him from a nobody to a household name, is one of those signature jams that will be played at parties for years and years to come.

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2. 'Just Fine,' Mary J. Blige

"Just Fine" was the first single on Mary J. Blige's eighth studio album, Growing Pains. "Just Fine," which was produced by Jazze Pha and Tricky, is a sunny, optimistic and upbeat ditty about how great life is: "I ain't gonna let nothin' get in my way, no matter what nobody has to say," Mary sings.

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3. 'Champagne Life,' Ne-Yo

"Champagne Life," which can be found on Ne-Yo's Libra Scale album, is a Michael Jackson-esque tune about enjoying the type of life where "trouble is a bubble in a champagne glass" and "dreams and reality are one and the same."

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4. 'Do It To It,' Cherish

Bounce with it, drop with it, lean with it, rock with it. Cherish may turn out to be a one-hit wonder, but their one hit, the Southern-fried "Do It To It," featuring Sean Paul (the one from YoungBloodZ, not the dancehall reggae artist), is the perfect party song.

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5. 'Like This,' Kelly Rowland feat. Eve

This is probably the best solo track that Kelly Rowland will ever record. And no, not because of her singing (hah!), but because of the addictive go-go beat that laces this ladies' party anthem.

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6. 'Cupid Shuffle,' Cupid

This novelty hit from 2007 sparked a short-lived dance craze in the South, but was quickly forgotten. Despite it's short shelf life and thin lyrical content, it's still a great party song.

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7. 'Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough,' Michael Jackson

An oldie but goodie from the late King of Pop's Off the Wall album.

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8. 'Wall to Wall,' Chris Brown

"Wall to Wall," a scorching-hot banger off Chris Brown's second album, was produced by Sean Garrett and Big Walt.

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9. 'DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love,' Usher feat. Pitbull

Dance like it's the last night of your life. That's the message of Usher's "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love," which is on Versus, the follow-up to his mega-hit Raymond v. Raymond album. The song, which features the rapper Pitbull, is a high-energy club song that's probably the most dance/electronic music-oriented song he's ever recorded.

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10. 'September,' Earth Wind & Fire

The perfect song for Labor Day weekend partying, since every year the holiday is on the first Monday in September.

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