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Best R&B Seduction Songs

Slow & Steady ...


Seducing someone can be a very delicate process. The right words can lead you to joy and ecstasy, but the wrong words can lead you out the door and possibly out of someone's life - forever. So if you're looking for the right words and music to help you express your desire for someone and put them in a receptive mood, give some of these R&B songs a try.

1. 'Under,' Pleasure P.

Year released: 2009. From the album: The Introduction of Marcus Cooper.

Ex-Pretty Ricky member Marcus "Pleasure P" Cooper tries to combine the sexual swagger of Pretty Ricky with the smooth sophistication of a Ne-Yo or Usher on this sexually-charged song.

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2. 'Just a Kiss,' Mishon

Year released: 2009. From the album: The Yearbook (unreleased).

"Just A Kiss" is a teenage seduction jam from Mishon, a singer-actor best known for playing Tay on the ABC Family channel show "Lincoln Heights."

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3. 'My Heart,' Lizz Wright

Year released: 2008. From the album: The Orchard.

Lizz Wright has one of the most amazingly rich, substantive voices in music. And listening to it on this tale of love and seduction is like curling up with a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter's day.

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4. 'Sooner You Get to Love,' J. Holiday

Year released: 2008. From the album: Back of My 'Lac (Deluxe Edition).

The seductive "Sooner You Get to Love," isn't on the standard edition of Holiday's debut album, Back of My 'Lac, which came out in October 2007; it's on the deluxe version of the album, which dropped four months later.

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5. 'Portrait of Love,' Cheri Dennis

Year released: 2007. From the album: In and Out of Love.

"Portrait of Love," which features the rappers Yung Joc and Gorilla Zoe, is about a woman who goes after the man she wants by letting him know that she can picture the two of them happily together.

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6. 'Trading Places,' Usher

Year released: 2008. From the album: Here I Stand.

On this sexy, seductive song, Usher switches things up with his woman, and for one night she becomes the dominant partner in the relationship and he's the submissive one. "Now put it on me baby 'til I say ooh whee, And tell me to shut up before the neighbors hear me," he sings.

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7. 'F.W.B.,' Wayne Brady

Year released: 2008. From the album: A Long Time Coming.

"F.W.B.," which stands for "Friends With Benefits," is about a dude trying to talk a woman into letting him get his groove on, and if the thought of Wayne Brady singing about that makes you laugh, you're not the only one. But the thing is, he manages to pull it off pretty nicely on the song and doesn't sound like a fool singing lyrics like "Lets be lovers, friends and confidantes, 'cause you're all the woman I could want, don't nobody need to know - we're friends with benefits."

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8. 'I Need You,' Mayer Hawthorne

Year released: 2010. From the album: None.

Mayer Hawthorne is a nerdy-looking but highly talented singer from Michigan whose vocal style is a throwback to the pre-Motown R&B and Soul era of over 50 years ago. His song "I Need You" is a bittersweet, midtempo love song that was originally recorded by '60s crooner Otis Leville.

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9. 'Customer,' Raheem DeVaughn

Year released: 2007. From the album: Love Behind the Melody.

Raheem sounds a little like he's trying too hard in the role of a salesman here, but if you're a woman looking for a man who treats you like a customer whom he's eager to please, this is the song for you.

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10. 'Future Baby Mama,' Prince

Year released: 2007. From the album: Planet Earth.

This is an old school ballad, and on it Prince shows that even though he's more than 30 years deep in the music game, he's still got the skills to woo the women. Or, as Prince himself sings on the song: "Deep down, I know what you want. You want all your girlfriends to hate you 'cause they can't get your man."

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