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Who's Next: the Future of R&B (2009 Edition)


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Melinda Doolittle
Who's Next: the Future of R&B (2009 Edition)
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Who She Is: Melinda Doolittle is a former backup singer from Tennessee who emerged as a finalist on the sixth season of "American Idol." She's known for her sunny, upbeat disposition and has on her side one of the hardest-working, most savvy marketing and promotion teams in the music industry today.

What's Next for Her: Melinda's debut album, Coming Back to You, is due out Feb. 3. It remains to be seen if Melinda can reach the level of success that other "American Idol" finalists and winners have achieved over the years, but she's off to a strong start with the '70s-Soul sounding "It's Your Love."

Check Out: "It's Your Love."

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