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Who's Next: the Future of R&B (2007-08)


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J. Valentine
Who's Next: the Future of R&B (2007-08)

Image © J Records.

Why He's on the List:
J. Valentine is not to be confused with J. Holiday, of "Bed" fame. J. Valentine is the singer of the regional hit "She's Worth the Trouble" that was out a while back. He's from the San Francisco Bay area and is the self-annoited "King of R&Bay." He makes it on the list based on strength the songs from his upcoming debut album that have seen the light of day. You should be dubious of any rookie saying he's the "king" of anything, but it's not like there's a whole lot of male R&B vocalists in San Fran and Oakland right now to dispute his claim.

What's Next for Him:
Valentine's debut album, Conversation Piece, is due out on J Records sometime in late 2007 or early 2008.

Check Out:
The audio stream of audio stream of "She's Worth the Trouble."

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