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Who's Next: the Future of R&B (2012 Edition)


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Josh Xantus
Who's Next: the Future of R&B (2012 Edition)
Who He Is: Josh Xantus (zan-thus is a singer-songwriter of Haitian heritage who's signed to EMI/Capitol Records. From his official bio: Josh started playing classical piano at the age of six, but it was Brian McKnight’s 1997 hit, "Anytime," that would change the trajectory of his music. "That was the first song that really made me want to write a song," recalls Josh. "It was the first song I made a connection with and I wanted to pursue music."
What's Next for Him: His debut album, tentatively titled Can I Live?, is still simmering and doesn't yet have a release date.
Listen Up: Josh has released numerous mixtapes over the past couple of years that are still available, including Josh X-Mas, which dropped in December 2010.

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