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Chrisette Michele - 'Epiphany'

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating
User Rating 5 Star Rating (1 Review)

By Timothy Michael Carson

Chrisette Michele - 'Epiphany'
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The Bottom Line

R&B lovers can sigh in relief at the release of Chrisette Michelle’s sophomore album, Epiphany. The album is laced with 12 tracks that infuse Chrisette’s signature jazz flavor with contemporary R&B. Mid-tempos and a slew of ballads, which are accompanied by some sparse "feel good" cuts, comprise the album. With the aid of songwriter-producer Ne-Yo, Epiphany successfully tackles many themes that will surely engross listeners.
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  • Strong vocals.
  • Overall cohesiveness.
  • The song "Blame It On Me."


  • Less of a Jazz influence than on her first album.


  • Jazz-flavored R&B.
  • Relationship songs.
  • Several mid-tempo ballads.

Guide Review - Chrisette Michele - 'Epiphany'

Vocally, Chrisette Michele's unique and distinctive voice certainly delivers as she croons over mantras of independence, declares she's a "grown woman dealing with grown woman things," protests about love gone wrong, and pours her emotions out to a lover. The strengths of the album lie in its cohesiveness, vocal delivery, production, and in the intensity of the lyrics. The majority of the tracks successfully lead into the next, and although most of the songs are dealing with relationships, Chrisette’s heartfelt delivery sells each song as if the topics had never been previously addressed.

The album has many highlights, but there are some standouts that shine brighter than the others. Chrisette, vocally, is at her best on the track "Blame It On Me" as she informs her lover that it's time to call it quits, and in addition, she's even willing to take the blame for the relationship's demise. With the help of producer Rodney Jerkins the album delves into the world of pop on "Playin' Our Song." "What You Do" features Ne-Yo resonating in the background. Other songs that listeners will have on repeat are "Fragile," "Porcelain Doll," title track "Epiphany," and "All I Ever Wanted."

There is definitely a sign of growth encompassed within Epiphany, and Chrisette Michelle successfully dodges the sophomore jinx. Unfortunately if you are looking for the heavily jazz influenced Chrisette Michelle that was introduced on her debut album, I Am, then you will be extremely disappointed. But if you are missing the true essence of R&B music, then you will definitely be pleased with Chrisette’s latest offering.

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