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Album Review: Miguel - 'All I Want Is You'

Genuine Talent

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Album Review: Miguel - 'All I Want Is You'
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It was obvious from his debut single, "All I Want Is You," that singer Miguel Jontel had a special talent for singing. But after his addictive first song became a hit, the question became whether he was a talented enough vocalist to carry a full album. Because after all, the path to success is littered with the careers of one-hit wonders. Well, the bad news about his debut album, All I Want Is You (released in the U.S. on Nov. 30, 2010) is that there's nothing as immediately compelling as that first single. But the good news is that as the album progresses, it becomes obvious that he's definitely a talented performer.

Pleading and Passion

"All I Want Is You," the song, is definitely in the top tier when it comes to 2010's better songs. Between Miguel's urgent, pleading vocals, rapper J. Cole's deft lyrics, and a tight beat by producer Salaam Remi, the haunting and emotional song wins on all levels. But besides the hot title track, other quality material on the album includes the opening song, "Sure Thing," a tale of a loving and committed relationship where Miguel declares his undying loyalty: "Even when the sky comes fallin, even when the sun don't shine, I got faith in you and I, so put you pretty little hand in mine," he sings.
One of the more impressive things about the album is that although it's rooted in R&B, elements of other music genres are all thrown in the mix without overwhelming things. For example, "Pay Me" has strong European electronic music influence; "Girls Like You" and "Hard Way" each have driving Hip-Hop beats; "To the Moon" is a straight-up dance track that evokes the spirit of Michael Jackson's Off the Wall; and the closing track, "My Piece," is funky as hell. But despite the various musical styles, Miguel somehow manages to vocally glide across each one. The results aren't perfect in all cases, but there's not a single song that's really weak, either.
It remains to be seen if Miguel can somehow turn one catchy song into a successful music career. But judging by All I Want Is You, he obviously has a talent for singing, a love of many different styles of music and maybe most importantly of all, a passion for performing, that could serve him well in the future.
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