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Ledisi - 'Lost & Found'

Mellow & Soothing

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Ledisi - 'Lost & Found'

Album cover © Verve Music.

After performing and recording albums for years as an independent artist, Ledisi (it's pronounced Leh-duh-see) has latched on with a major label, Verve Music, for her third album, Lost & Found. And although her style of mature, jazz-influenced R&B isn't likely to be a wild commercial success, the wider exposure that being on a major label brings should win her some new fans. And she deserves them: Lost & Found, although not perfect, is still a mellow, soothing, album that does a pretty good job showcasing Ledisi's strong, clear voice.

Mature, Jazz-Influenced R&B

Ledisi may be most thought of as a singer who incorporates jazz into her music, but the most compelling song on her Lost & Found album is one that is apparently strongly influenced by hip-hop band The Roots. The song, Think of You, is near-perfect in all aspects: the vocals are taut and powerful; the lyrics are romantically poetic, and best of all, the live instrumentation is masterful. The group of studio musicians (and one DJ) who complement the track sound so much like The Roots on this one song, it's uncanny.

Although none of the other songs on the album soar as high as "Think of You," there's still plenty of quality material on Lost & Found. Among that material is the album's first single, "Alright," a song of optimism: "Life can bring us through many changes, it's alright/Just don't give up, know that it's gonna be alright," she sings on the song.

Most of the 16 tracks on the album are uplifting and with minimal drama. The rare exception is the jazzy "Best Friend," in which Ledisi sings about the emotional turmoil that comes with being secretly in love with a guy she's known since she was 13. "I'm so close to you, but I wanna get next to you," she sings.

Overall, Lost & Found is an album about love: finding love, yearning for love, being in love, needing love. And with a few exceptions, Ledisi's love songs are compelling listening that would probably appeal most to R&B fans who also love jazz and/or anyone who enjoys soothing, "Quiet Storm"-type music.

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