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Review: Joe Thomas - 'Signature'

Smooth & Sexy

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Review: Joe Thomas - 'Signature'
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Some singers have such a powerful mojo that they can sing anything and it'll come out sounding smooth and sexy, and Joe Thomas is definitely one of those singers. On his eighth album, Signature, Joe continues on the same path he's taken his entire career - a mixture of tender love songs and saucy sex jams - and the results are as good as they've been his entire career. In fact, you might even say that Signature - which was released in the U.S. on July 14, 2009 - is even a little better than his last two albums, 2008's Joe Thomas, New Man and 2007's Ain't Nothing Like Me, which weren't as strong from beginning to end.

Pleasing to the Ear

Signature is very much pleasing to the ear as soon as you hear the opening melody to the first song/first single, "Majic," and continuing on for 48minutes through the last of his 11 tracks, "Change." What's different about this album in comparison to his last two is that his past two efforts simply weren't as strong from top to bottom. There were a few songs midway through and/or toward the end of each album that were just kind of ... there. They weren't bad, just forgettable. But Signature is definitely an album that you can listen to all the through multiple times without once reaching for the fast forward button.

In addition to "Majic," the album's highlights include "Love's Greatest Episode," a very sensuous track about making a personal sex tape. He even takes time during the song to give directions: "Unzip your dress now baby, before I hit the door/I'll be all up in you baby, before it hits the floor." Despite the lyrics, it's not as explicit as you might think. Unlike some singers (R. Kelly to name one) Joe still has enough sense to know what lines shouldn't be crossed in R&B music. The only knock on the album is that of its 12 songs, only the first 11 are by Joe: the last one, "Change," is by Lylit, a female singer who's Joe's labelmate on Kedar Entertainment. The song's not bad, but here's the thing: if people are paying for a Joe album, then tacking on a track by someone else - a track that doesn't feature Joe at all - isn't doing those who bought the album any favors. Lylit's song adds nothing to the album and is a waste of space within the context of the album.

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