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Album Review: Joe - 'The Good, the Bad, the Sexy'

Staying True

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Album Review: Joe - 'The Good, the Bad, the Sexy'
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R&B singer Joe Thomas has been on the music scene since the early 1990s, but he's one of those rare artists who's managed to stay true as an artist and not play himself out by hopping on trends and jumping on bandwagons to stay relevant. And his ninth studio album, The Good, the Bad, the Sexy, which was released in the U.S. on Oct. 18, 2011, is standard Joe; it's chock full of sexy songs about bedroom escapades. It's hard to believe that one man could still find new ways to sing about lovemaking, but Joe somehow manages to pull it off.

Powerful, Romantic

When you listen to a Joe Thomas album, you always know what you're gonna get: lush melodies and well-sung, powerful romantic anthems. And as its title and cover imply, The Good, the Bad, the Sexy, is no different. From top to bottom, this is an album about three things: love, lust and romance. And unlike other male R&B singers who first came to prominence in the '90s, Babyface for instance, Joe has rarely strayed into corniness or sappiness in his songs. Instead, he's been a more nitty-gritty type of artist. And he continues his blue collar approach on the new album, eschewing gimmicks like Auto-Tune and super-producers in favor of a more grounded approach.
Exhibit A is the album's fifth song, "Pull My Hair," a grown-up tale about meeting a woman about a bar and later on getting a good workout in with her. "From the bad to the bedroom, all I kept thinking is how I was gonna do you," he sings on the song. And on "Slow Kisses," he sings about -- what else? -- slow kisses. But in this case, the kisses lead to a different type of closeness. "Tonight I'm gonna lay you on the bed, and we ain't even 'bout to have sex/Just lay your head down on my chest, sometimes the simple things are the best," he sings. "Sex ain't what you need, you need intimacy, tonight that's what I'll bring."

Sexually Charged

© Kedar Entertainment.
After hitting a small creative slump a few years ago, Joe got back on track with his 2009 album, Signature, and stays on the right path with this album. There's not a bad song on The Good, the Bad, the Sexy, all the way from the opening track, "Losing," to the closing one, "Drink Up" which is so sexually-charged, your ears might get pregnant just listening to it.
The best part is that even though sex is a subject as old as R&B itself, none of the material sounds like it's been done, or overdone, in the past. Despite his many years in the music game, Joe still has a unique style and perspective, a trait that he shares with former labelmate R. Kelly. But where Kellz can sometimes go over the top in his work, Joe's approach is more controlled, and in effect, sexier. All this adds up to one of the better R&B albums of 2011.
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