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Album Review: Faith Evans - 'Something About Faith'

Safe & Sanitized

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Album Review: Faith Evans - 'Something About Faith'
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With her sixth studio album, Something About Faith, it seems that Faith Evans has gone out of her way to intentionally make the most ordinary, non-controversial and unassuming R&B album possible. Despite a turbulent personal history, Faith's music over the years has become increasingly tame, and Something About Faith, released in the U.S. on Oct. 5, 2010, is a very safe, sanitized album. This is a shame, because at her best, she's a compelling, top-tier vocalist whose luscious voice has the power to mesmerize. But on this album, her vocals mostly lack the fire and passion she displayed earlier in her career.

Toned Down

It's not that Faith Evans doesn't sound good on this album; her vocal abilities are still intact. The problem is most of the album's songs are way too common-sounding for a woman of her vocal abilities. Faith's producers and other studio wizards have toned down and harnessed her voice so much that there's very few thickly passionate or dramatic moments here, and some songs have such an overproduced feel to them that Faith's essence gets lost in the mix.

Among the album's better material is "Worth It," a sassy, uptempo dis to a do-wrong man; "Troubled World," a spiritual duet with Kelly Price; and "Baby Lay," a seductive and sensual duet. In fact, "Baby Lay," which the album's last song, and "Troubled World," which is the next-to-last track, are arguably the best songs here and likely would have made the album more listenable as a whole if they'd been among the first few songs, instead of the clichéd material that instead rose to the top.

As many music fans know, Faith Evans has a remarkable back story, including being married to - and becoming the widow of - the late rapper Notorious B.I.G. But as she's matured, her creativity has seemingly been drained. And as the album cover suggests, she's becoming increasingly separated from the common touch that defined her early career. Fortunately for her, she still has a very fine voice, but by failing to fully utilize it on Something About Faith and instead sing bland and dated material, she's doing both a disservice to her fans and herself.

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