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Day26 - 'Forever in a Day'


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Forever in a Day, the second album by vocal group Day26, which was released in the U.S. on April 14, 2009, is sort of like a cake; it's topped by some sticky-sweet frosting, in this case radio-friendly pop songs that sit at the top of the album. But the real goodness isn't in the empty, calorie-rich stuff at the top, but in the cake's inner layers. To put it another way, the first handful of tracks on the album are disposable Auto Tune-heavy songs uptempo club that chase trends, while it's some of the latter, mid-tempo tracks that properly showcase the group's singing and rely less on studio gimmicks.

Few Shining Moments

On their second album, Day26 pretty much throws every modern R&B and urban pop cliche there is onto the album's 15 songs (16 if you include a radio edit of one song that's also included) and the results are mixed. Despite being a young group, there's nothing particularly fresh or new about what they're offering. But despite that, the album does have it's moments, particular on the album's latter, more tender tracks. That said, the early songs are energetic-but-empty attempts to cash in on the Auto-Tune fad. Particularly deserving mention is the sexually braggadocios "Imma Put It On Her," which features a couple of boring, uninspired cameos by rappers Yung Joc and Diddy. Joc even lazily raps about his words being "so cliche," so you know it can't be good.

Things start to get better by the fifth song, the rock guitar-based track "Stadium Music," and the following song, "Bipolar," a piano-centered song about a woman who can't seem to make up her mind about a relationship and is going through emotional turmoil, is a very passionate, well-written track. The problem with the song - with all of their material, in fact - is that the vocals aren't anything special, nor do the group's members really stand out. Some songs suggest that Day26 may be trying to position itself as a modern day version of 112 or Boyz II Men, but if that's the case, they have a long way to go before reaching the chemistry that either of those two groups have. There are some shining moments on Forever in a Day, but too many of them come from the producers and songwriters, not from the group itself.

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