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Review: "Daddy's Little Girls" Soundtrack

"Music from the Motion Picture: Daddy's Little Girls"

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Soundtrack cover © Atlantic Records.

Many soundtracks these days contain a lot of music that has little - if any - relation to the movie itself. But in the case of the soundtrack to Tyler Perry's latest movie, Daddy's Little Girls, much of the music directly relates to scenes in the film, and that alone makes this soundtrack above average. And add to that a top-tier list of R&B and Soul artists - true artists, like R. Kelly and Anthony Hamilton, not pseudo-R&B crossover acts - and mix in a strong family theme, and you have a recipe for a full, enriching meal of an album.

Chock Full of Messages

The soundtrack to Daddy's Little Girls is chock full of messages that could be construed in multiple ways. For instance, there's the Beyonce song "Daddy," where she reminisces about the good times with her father and sings: "I treasure every irreplaceable memory and that's why I want my unborn son to be like my daddy, I want my husband to be like my daddy, there is no one else like my daddy."

The song was probably written specifically for the movie and may even play a part in a pivotal scene. However, considering B's long-time relationship with Jay-Z and recent rumors about them possibly getting married, it makes you wonder.

Another very interesting song is "Family First," which features the re-emerging Whitney Houston along with her mother Cissy Houston and Cissy's sister, Dionne Warwick, as well as assorted female family members singing background. Again, the song was likely written specifically for the movie, but considering the fact that the first voice heard on the song is Whitney's and that Whitney recently filed for divorce from her allegedly adulterous husband Bobby Brown, it makes you wonder. Especially with lyrics like:

"I can see you crying - someone broke your heart, Instead of being with those who love you, you spend time apart, It's because you think they won't understand the pain you're going through, So you don't reach out your hand for them, 'til they'll pull and reach for you."

Inspirational, Meaningful Songs

Regardless all the alleged secret messages and double meanings, almost all the tracks on the soundtrack are very well written and very well sung. And there's no song on the album that's better sung than the inspirational "Step Aside," featuring Yolanda Adams. On an album filled with superstars, Yolanda stands out, which is no easy task. Her powerful gospel vocals on the track will make even non-worshippers want to head straight for church.

The best male performance on the album is turned in by the great - and yet still underrated - Soul singer Anthony Hamilton. He appears alongside Jaheim and Musiq Soulchild on "Struggle No More." (Hamilton also appears by himself on a different mix of the song.) The song's vocals - about the pressing ahead through life despite all the obstacles in the path are poignant, but Hamilton's golden Soul voice makes them even more meaningful.

If there's a drawback to the album, it's that there's just 11 songs - and one of those songs is a remix of another song. The album has such a grand collection of talent - I haven't even mentioned Brian McKnight or R. Kelly's contributions yet - that it leaves you wanting more. There are a couple of weaker songs but lesser-known artists, but their mediocrity is more than balanced out by the more-talented artists.

Overall, this soundtrack is good in all areas - vocally, lyrically and originality. If you're a fan of Soul and Gospel, it doesn't get much better than this.

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