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The ABCs of R&B


Definitions, origins and brief histories of the R&B, Soul, Funk and Neo-Soul forms of music, as well as song and album recommendations.
  1. Best Songs
  2. Best Albums
  3. Best Artists
  4. R&B/Soul FAQ

Best Songs

When learning about R&B music, sometimes it's helpful to get suggestions about what music is good from friends and others. Your Guide to R&B has created several lists of what songs make good 'starter kits' for music lovers.

Best Albums

Been wondering which greatest hits albums are the best? Or what the essential R&B albums of the '90s were? These lists of recommended albums can tell you.

Best Artists

What contemporary Soul artists are good? Are there any good R&B artists from outside America? Who are the best Funk music artists? You can find answers to all these questions - and more - below.

R&B/Soul FAQ

Basic facts and answers to questions about Rhythm & Blues music and its subgenres: Soul, Funk and Neo-Soul. Also contains recommended artists.

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