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Best R&B/Soul Album Covers: 2012 Edition

The Cream of the Crop


Although other music genres have been known to rely on abstract images and photographs as cover art, R&B and Soul music have always been known for their warm, intimate portraits of artists as covers. And in 2012, there were a dozen covers that stood out as being above the rest, such as the ones for Miguel's trippy Kaleidoscope Dream, Faith Evans' stunning R&B Divas, Ne-Yo's artsy R.E.D. and Brandy's powerful Two Eleven. And this gallery -- which has a brief comment on each page about the respective cover -- is dedicated to them.
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"Two Eleven""Loving You More ... in the Spirit of Etta James""A Pocketful of Purpose""R&B Divas"
"Rich Girl""The Floacist Presents: Floetry Re:Birth""R.E.D.""Moods & Messages"
"And I Will Always Love You: the Best of Whitney Houston""Kaleidoscope Dream""The MANual""Greater Than One"
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