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Artist Bio: Trey Songz


Artist Bio: Trey Songz

Born & Raised:

Real name: Tremaine Aldon Neverson.
Born: Nov. 28, 1984 in Virginia. Raised: In Virginia and the neighboring state of Maryland.

Early Life:

Trey was born in the state of Virginia and lived in Petersburg, Virginia and in Maryland during his childhood. As a youngster, Trey developed his talent for performing by entering local talent shows, something that was encouraged by his mother. When he was in his mid-teens, Trey was discovered by producer Troy Taylor, who eventually went on to help Trey launch his career via Troy's production company, Songbook Entertainment. After graduating high school, Trey moved to New Jersey to work full-time in the music business. He spent time behind the scenes learning the industry, and in 2004 was signed by Atlantic Records.

Debut Album:

In July 2005, Atlantic released Trey's Troy Taylor-produced debut album, I Gotta Make It. The first single, "Gotta Make It," featuring the rapper Twista, did not perform well, peaking at No. 21 on Billboard's R&B songs chart. The second single, "Gotta Go," didn't do much better, peaking at No. 11 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip Hop Song chart. After the disappointing sales of I Gotta Make It, Trey continued to work with other artists as a writer and guest vocalist while recording material for a new album of his own. In February 2007 he returned with "Wonder Woman," the first single from his second album, "Trey Day."

Trey Day:

"Wonder Woman" peaked at Billboard No. 54 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and was Trey's third straight poorly-performing single. But the second single, "Can't Help But Wait," became a radio hit and to date is the most successful song in Trey's relatively short career. The song, written by singer-songwriter Johnta Austin, was released in August 2007 and peaked at No. 2 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. It was also featured on the soundtrack to the movie "Step Up 2 The Streets." Trey's second album, Trey Day, was released in October 2007.

Commercial Success:

Buoyed by the success of the catchy love ballad "Can't Help But Wait," Trey Day peaked at No. 2 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and at No. 11 on Billboard's top 200 albums chart. A third single from the album, "Last Time," which was co-written and co-produced by Bryan-Michael Cox, went on to peak at No. 9 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs chart.


  • Trey's self-given nickname is "The Prince of VA," in recognition of his time growing up in Virginia.
  • He got his stage name from when he used to label tapes with his music on it "Trey songs," so that his producer would know who they were from.
  • In November 2007 he was arrested in Springfield, Massachusetts and charged with "behaving as a disorderly person" and resisting arrest. He was released after posting $500 bond.


2012: Chapter V.
2011: Inevitable (five-song EP).
2010: Passion, Pain and Pleasure.
2009: Ready.
2007: Trey Day.
2005: I Gotta Make It.

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