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New R&B/Soul Releases: Sept. 2011

What's New?


The biggest release of the month is by singer Jason Derulo, who dabbles in R&B but is mainly known as a pop artist. In addition to him the list also includes eight other releases, including the latest by the highly underrated Syleena Johnson, whose fifth album is appropriately titled Album 5: Underrated; pop-Soul duo Nikki & Rich; and alternative Soul singer Van Hunt, whose new album doesn't include either of his two recently released singles. For the full details of the new R&B/Soul album releases for September 2011, have a look below.

1. 'Future History,' Jason Derulo

Pop-R&B singer Jason Derulo has been de-ruling the airwaves for several months now, but will his second album take over the music charts? Find out when Future History comes out Sept. 27, via Warner Bros.


  1. Don't Wanna Go Home
  2. It Girl
  3. Breathing
  4. Be Careful
  5. Make It Up as We Go
  6. Fight For You
  7. Pick Up the Pieces
  8. Givin' Up
  9. Bleed Out
  10. That's My Shhh
  11. X
  12. Dumb

2. 'Chapter 5: Underrated,' Syleena Johnson

The latest chapter in the musical book of Syleena Johnson's life drops Sept. 27 via the Shanachie label.


  1. Underrated (feat. AK of Do Or Die)
  2. A Boss
  3. Fade Away
  4. Angry Girl (feat. Tweet)
  5. Like Thorns
  6. Little Things (feat. Malone
  7. My Shoes
  8. Label Me
  9. Go 'Head (feat. Na'Tee)
  10. Bad Person
  11. The Champ
  12. Stone Wall

3. 'Greatest Hits,' Nikki & Rich

After a year of delays, the first album by this bi-coastal pop-Soul group drops Sept. 27 via Reprise/Warner Bros.


  1. Rainbow
  2. Same Kind of Man
  3. Everything
  4. Murder U
  5. Yellow Brick Road
  6. City Lights (feat. Fabolous)
  7. Let Me Down
  8. Danger (feat. Hayes)
  9. Time Machine
  10. Angel
  11. It's Not the End

4. 'Cry Love,' Maya Azucena

Maya's latest album, which focuses on the theme of empowerment, is due out Sept. 13 via Half Note Records.


  1. Cry Love
  2. Shine
  3. Near
  4. Changed My Mind
  5. The Half
  6. Belong to the Sun
  7. My Back's Not Up Against the Wall
  8. Run Into the Light
  9. Warriors
  10. Live On
  11. Little Ghetto Boy
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5. 'What Were You Hoping For,' Van Hunt

When alternative Soul crooner Van Hunt's new project drops Sept. 27 via Red Distribution, it won't feature the recently released songs "June" and "The Savage, Sincere L of P."


  1. North Hollywood
  2. Watching You Go Crazy is Driving Me Insane
  3. Designer Jeans
  4. Plum
  5. Falls (Violet)
  6. Moving Targets
  7. Eyes Like Pearls
  8. A Time Machine is My New Girlfriend
  9. What Were You Hoping For
  10. Cross Dresser
  11. It's a Mysterious Hustle
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6. 'Illusions,' Erin Barra

The soulful singer-songwriter's latest drops Sept. 6 via 101 Distribution.


  1. Good Man
  2. Interlude 1
  3. Skyline
  4. Another Way
  5. Satisfied (feat. Louis Logic & JJ Brown)
  6. Magician
  7. Interlude 2
  8. That's All
  9. I'm Out
  10. Interlude 3
  11. Soul Revolutions 5G Remix
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7. 'Super Duper Hits: the Best of Joss Stone,' Joss Stone

The best music from Joss Stone's early career with S-Curve and Virgin Records has been compiled for the first time on this collection. It's due out Sept. 27.


  1. Fell in Love With a Boy
  2. Super Duper Love
  3. You Had Me
  4. Right to Be Wrong
  5. Don't 'Cha Wanna Ride
  6. Spoiled
  7. Tell Me 'Bout It
  8. Baby Baby Baby
  9. Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now (feat. Common)
  10. Bruised But Not Broken
  11. L-O-V-E
  12. Free Me
  13. Stalemate (feat. Jamie Hartman)
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8. 'Brunswick Lost Soul, Vol. 1,' Various Artists

This collection of rare tracks comes out Sept. 27 via Brunswick Records.


  1. Do The Whoopie (by Sugar Pie DeSanto)
  2. Your Love Controls My World (Johnny Williams)
  3. Come Over To My Side (Billy Butler)
  4. Stay With Me Baby (B.W. & The Next Edition)
  5. Hold On (Marvin Smith)
  6. Tell Me (Rocky Roberts & The Airedales)
  7. Lonely Street (The Admirations)
  8. You Brought Out The Good In Me (Otis Leavill)
  9. Wrong Number (Lee Charles)
  10. You Left Me (The Artistics)
  11. Do The Tighten Up (Major Lance)
  12. Chip Off The Old Block (Johnny Jones & The King Casuals)
  13. Baby Don t You Tear My Clothes (Little Richard)
  14. Getting Nowhere Fast (Floyd Smith)
  15. Where The Lilies Grow (Sidney Joe Qualls)
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9. 'Brunswick Lost Soul, Vol. 2,' Various Artists

The second volume of Brunswick Records' collection of rare tracks is also out Sept. 27, just like the first volume.


  1. It's Gonna Be Good (by Johnny Jones & The King Casuals)
  2. Burning Touch Of Love (Billy Butler)
  3. Baby It s Time (Marshall & The Chi-Lites)
  4. Just A Little Misunderstanding (Johnny Williams)
  5. Baby (Why Can t You Hear Me) (Otis Leavill)
  6. Since You ve Been Gone (Major Lance)
  7. You Are (Bobby Reed)
  8. I Want Something To Remember You By (Marvin Smith)
  9. Talk A Little Louder (Wales Wallace)
  10. Karate Boogaloo (The Emperors)
  11. How Can You Say Goodbye (Sidney Joe Qualls)
  12. Sweet Temptation (Isaac Hayes)
  13. Once You Fall In Love (Eddie McLoyd)
  14. Easy Evil (Walter Jackson)
  15. Try Some Of Mine (Little Richard)
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