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New R&B/Soul Albums: Feb. 2012

What's New?


Since February is the month that Valentine's Day falls in, you'd think that record labels would be pushing out a lot of fresh romantic music during the month. But unlike in previous years, that really isn't the case in 2012. The closest is probably All of Me, the third album by British R&B singer Estelle. The others, by artists like African singer-activist Nneka and Dutch vocalist Clarence Milton Bekker (aka CB Milton), incorporate love as just one element of their overall message. For the full details of February 2012's new music, check below.

1. 'All of Me,' Estelle

Estelle Swaray's third studio album, which is her first since 2008, is finally due out in the U.S. Feb. 28.


  1. The Life
  2. International (Serious) feat. Chris Brown and Trey Songz
  3. Love the Way We Used To
  4. Cold Crush
  5. Wonderful Life
  6. Back to Love
  7. Speak Ya Mind
  8. Do My Thing (feat. Janelle Monae)
  9. Thank You
  10. Break My Heart (feat. Rick Ross)

2. 'Soul is Heavy,' Nneka

This African singer and activist's follow-up to her February 2010 album, Concrete Jungle, comes out in the U.S. Feb. 28.

Track List:

  1. Lucifer (No Doubt)
  2. Sleep
  3. My Home
  4. Shining Star
  5. Restless
  6. Don't Even Think
  7. J
  8. Stay
  9. Soul is Heavy
  10. Do You Love Me Now
  11. Valley
  12. V.I.P.
  13. Camouflage
  14. God Knows Why
  15. Still I Rise

3. 'Let It Be Roberta - Roberta Flack Sings The Beatles,' Roberta Flack

This collection of all-new remakes of Beatles songs is Roberta's first project in eight years. It's due out Feb. 7 via 429 Records/Sony ATV.

Track List:

  1. In My Life
  2. Hey Jude
  3. We Can Work It Out
  4. Let It Be
  5. Oh! Darling
  6. I Should Have Known Better
  7. The Long & Winding Road
  8. Come Together
  9. Isn't It a Pity
  10. If I Fell
  11. And I Love Him
  12. Here, There & Everywhere
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4. 'Old Soul,' Clarence Milton Bekker

Vocalist Clarence Milton Bekker is a native of Suriname who developed his craft in his adopted homeland of Holland and recorded this album of American Soul in Santa Monica, California. It's due out Feb. 28.

Track List:

  1. Any Other Way
  2. Yes We Can
  3. One More Heartache
  4. I Wish Someone Would Care
  5. Who is He (and What is He to You)
  6. Try a Little Tenderness
  7. Everybody Loves a Winner
  8. Tomorrow's Dream
  9. Can't Help But Love You
  10. Shine On Me
  11. Hold On, I'm Coming
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5. 'Time And Place (EP + DVD),' Eli 'Paperboy' Reed + The Pepper Pots

The retro-Soul band The Pepper Pots have teamed up with retro-Soul singer and producer Eli 'Paperboy' Reed for this two-disc set, which includes a five-song EP and making-of DVD. It's due out Feb. 3.

CD Track List:

  1. Time & Place
  2. Don't Mess Up a Good Thing
  3. There Ain't No Man That Can't Be Caught
  4. Take It Like a Man
  5. Lean On Me
  6. Oh Girl

6. 'East Bay Soul 2.0,' Greg Adams

Greg Adams, a musician best known for his work with the band Tower of Power, releases his latest smooth jazz/Soul hybrid project Feb. 28.

Track List:

  1. The Getaway
  2. The Love of My Life
  3. To Catch a Thief
  4. Back to Oakland
  5. Brassalicious
  6. Once and For All
  7. What's Goin' On
  8. The Devil You Know
  9. Carry On
  10. I'm Comin' Home
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