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New R&B/Soul Albums: March 2009

What's New?


The biggest news when it comes to this month's R&B and Soul music is that his Purple Majesty himself, the one and only Prince, is dropping a new three-disc album on March 29 (a Sunday). The albums, MPLSoUND, LOtUSFLOW3R and Elixer, will only be available at Target stores and at target.com for $11.98. Also in March: singer-songwriter Keri Hilson's debut album, In A Perfect World, is finally coming out after a year's worth of delays. J. Holiday, Chrisette Michele, The-Dream, Leela James and others will also be dropping new releases during the month. For more details on March's music, check out the list below.

1. MPLSound, Lotusflow3r and Elixer, Prince

This all-new three-disc set consists of two studio albums by Prince - MPLSoUND and LOtUSFLOW3R - plus a third disc, Elixer, by his protege, Bria Valente. The set comes out Sun., March 29, but will only be available at Target stores and target.com.

Disc 1 - Lotus Flow3r:
From the Lotus ...
The Morning After
Colonized Mind
Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful
Love Like Jazz
77 Beverly Park
Wall of Berlin
... Back 2 the Lotus

Disc 2 - MPLSound:
(There’ll Never B) Another Like Me
Chocolate Box
Dance 4 Me
U’re Gonna C Me
Better with Time
Ol' Skool Company
No More Candy 4 U

Disc 3 - Elixer:
Here Eye Come
All This Love
Something U Already Know
Another Boy
Kept Woman

2. In A Perfect World, Keri Hilson

© Interscope Records.
After a year's worth of delays, this singer-songwriter's debut album is finally due out March 24 via Interscope Records.

1. Intro
2. Turnin Me On (feat. Lil Wayne)
3. Get Your Money Up (feat. Keyshia Cole & Trina)
4. Return The Favor (feat. Timbaland)
5. Knock You Down (feat. Ne-Yo)
6. Slow Dance
7. Make Love
8. Intuition
9. How Does It Feel
10 Hey Girl (feat. T-Pain & Lil Jon)
11 Alienated
12 Tell Him the Truth
13 Change Me (feat. Akon)
14 Energy
15 Where Did He Go

3. Love Vs. Money, The-Dream

Producer-singer-songwriter Terius Nash, aka The-Dream, drops his sophomore album March 10 via Def Jam.

1. Money Intro
2. Rockin' That Sh**
3. Walkin' On The Moon (feat. Kanye West)
4. My Love (feat. Mariah Carey)
5. Put It Down
6. Sweat It Out
7. Take U Home 2 My Mama
8. Love vs. Money
9. Love vs. Money: Part 2
10 Fancy
11 Right Side Of My Brain
12 Mr. Yeah
13 Kelly's 12 Play
14 Let Me See The Booty (feat. Lil Jon)

4. Round 2, J. Holiday

© Capitol Records.
The sophomore album by this Washington D.C.-bred singer is due out March 10 via Capitol Records.

1. Intro
2. Its Yours
3. Fall
4. Don't Go
5. Wrong Lover
6. Run Into My Arms
7. Sing 2 U
8. Lights Go Out
9. Make That Sound
10 Forever Ain't Enough
11 Fly
12 Homeless
13 I Tried

5. Let's Do It Again, Leela James

© Shanachie Records.
The long-awaited second album by this amazingly talented young Soul singer is due out March 24 via Shanachie Records.

1. Clean Up Woman
2. Miss You
3. It's A Man's Man's Man's World
4. Baby I'm Scared of You
5. You Know How to Love Me
6. I Want to Know What Love Is
7. Nobody Wants You When You're Down and Out
8. I Try
9. I'd Rather Be With You
10 Simply Beautiful
11 Let's Do It Again

6. For the Love of Ray J (Soundtrack), Ray J

The soundtrack to Ray's VH1 reality series "For the Love of Ray J," has all-new songs, some of which are built around on girls from the show. It'll be in stores March 24 via Koch Records.

1. For The Love Of Ray J
2. Sexy Ladies (feat. Truth & Shorty Mack)
3. Crush (feat. Warren G)
4. Paradise (feat. Truth)
5. Sex In The Rain (feat. Shorty Mack)
6. She Freaky (feat. Unk)
7. Keep It Playa (feat. Slim Thug & The Boss Hogg Outlawz)
8. She Got Me Like (Ahh Sh*t) (feat. Bubba Sparxxx)
9. Dirty Samantha (feat. Shorty Mack)
10 Good Times (feat. Shorty Mack)
11 Apoclypse Soul
12 Sexy Can I (The Remix) (feat. Sheek Louch)

7. The Rose Experience, Case

If you forgot all about Case, it's understandable. Case, best known for the song "Touch Me Tease Me," last released an album in 2001, and his fourth album, The Rose Experience, was originally slated to come out in 2004. It's finally coming out March 24 via the indie Indigo Blue/A2M label.

1. Be That Man
2. Lovely
3. Deja Vu
4. Betcha Don't Know Y
5. Let Me Down Easy
6. Turns Me On
7. I Can't
8. Shoulda Known Better
9. Me & You
10 Smile
11 Waiting (Interlude)
12 Can I Be
13 Can't Believe
14 Place To Stay

8. In Search of High Love, Chester Gregory

Gary, Indiana-native Chester Gregory is an award-winning Broadway performer who's branching out into R&B with this, his debut album. The album's already available at cdbaby.com but will be in stores everywhere March 31.

1. Initializing
2. Search in
3. I Only Have Eyes 4 U
4. Universe 4 U
5. Say It's Over
6. Rainy Day
7. If U Only
8. High Love
9. Dreamin'
10 Clouds to the Ground
11 High Love
12 On (Plus) on
13 Questions
14 Move on
15 U
16 Higher and Higher (Revisited)

9. The Birth of Cornelius, Corneille

R&B/world music performer Corneille Nyungura was born in Germany, but has lived in Rwanda, Canada and elsewhere. His first English-language album, The Birth of Cornelius, is a self-produced collection of songs inspired by his some of his early musical influences, including Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke and Prince. It'll be in stores March 10.

1. Back to Life
2. All of My Love
3. Liberation
4. A Man of This World
5. Murder
6. Foolish Heart
7. Too Much of Everything
8. Home Is By You
9. I'll Never Call You Home Again
10 Sweet Dependency
11 Heaven

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10. Unspoken, Tonéx

Tonéx (pronounced toe-nay) is a prolific and eclectic R&B/Soul/Gospel artist from San Diego who's released about two dozen albums over the past 15 years. His latest is due out March 17 via Red Int/Red Ink.

1. Fiyah
2. Bring It
3. Joy
4. Glor3x
5. Bl3nd
6. Cool With U
7. Unspoken
8. Again
9. Love Me 4 Me
10 When I Call
11 Sneeze
12 Wired
13 F@c3 Down

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11. Live At Last (DVD), Stevie Wonder

Stevie's first-ever official live DVD was filmed at the O2 Arena in London on Sept. 30 & Oct. 1, 2008. It's due March 10 via Motown.

1. Intro/All Blues
2. As If You Read My Mind
3. Master Blaster (Jammin')
4. Did I Hear You Say You Love Me
5. All I Do
6. Knocks Me Off My Feet
7. Medley
8. Higher Ground
9. Spain
10 Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
11 Visions
12 Living For The City
13 Part-Time Lover
14 Overjoyed
15 Lately
16 I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life
17 My Cherie Amour
18 Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)
19 Sir Duke
20 I Wish
21 Isn't She Lovely
22 You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
23 I Just Called To Say I Love You
24 You Are The Only One
25 Superstition
26 So What The Fuss
27 As

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