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New R&B/Soul Albums: June 2009

What's New?


Veteran's Day isn't in June, but this might as well be veteran's month in the world of R&B and Soul. Lots of established and legendary artists are dropping albums in June '09, including Ginuwine, whose first album came out in 1996; Teena Marie, who's been a professional singer for more than 30 years; plus Al B. Sure!, Vanessa Williams and Will Downing, all of whom released their debut albums in 1988. Even one of the younger artists on the list has had a lenghty career: Pleasure P, whose solo debut drops this month, already released three albums as a member of Pretty Ricky. For more about June's new music, check below.

1. The Introduction of Marcus Cooper, Pleasure P

Former Pretty Ricky member Pleasure P (his real name is Marcus Cooper) will release his debut solo album on June 9 via Bluestar/Atlantic Records.

1. I'm A Beast (feat. Yung Joc)
2. Boyfriend #2
3. Tender Roni (Handcuffin')
4. Under
5. Let Me
6. Gotta Have U
7. Did You Wrong
8. Deserves An Encore
9. Nocturnal
10 If U Were My Girl
11 Birthday Suit
12 Dream In The Air

2. Let the Truth Be Told, Laura Izibor

You can't really tell by looking at her or listening to her sing, but Laura Izibor is an Irish R&B singer straight outta Dublin. Her debut album, Let the Truth Be Told, is due for release in the U.S. on June 16 via Atlantic Records.

1. Shine
2. Don't Stay
3. If Tonight Is My Last
4. What Would You Do
5. From My Heart to Yours
6. Perfect World
7. Worst Is Over
8. Yes (I'll Be Your Baby)
9. I Don't Want You Back
10 Mmm ...

3. Jeremih, Jeremih

South Side Chicago native Jeremih (pronounced jera-my) seemingly came out of nowhere during the first half of 2009 with his debut single, "Birthday Sex." Now, his self-titled full debut album is due to drop June 30 via Def Jam.

1. That Body
2. Birthday Sex
3. Break Up To Make Up
4. Runway
5. Raindrops
6. Starting All Over
7. Imma Star (Everywhere We Are)
8. Jumpin
9. Hatin' On Me
10 My Sunshine
11 My Ride
12 Buh Bye
13 Birthday Sex (bonus up-tempo version)

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4. Congo Square, Teena Marie

Lady Tee's back again and plans to drop her 13th studio album June 9 via Stax Records. The album, Congo Square, takes it's name from an historical area in New Orleans where slaves were allowed to dance and sing on Sundays.

1. The Pressure (feat. MC Lyte)
2. Can't Last A Day (feat. Faith Evans)
3. Baby I Love You
4. Ear Candy 101
5. Lover's Lane (feat. Howard Hewitt)
6. Marry Me
7. You Baby
8. Milk N' Honey (feat. Rose LeBeau & Gail Gotti)
9. What U Got 4 Me
10 Rovleta's Jass
11 Congo Square (feat. Geoarge Duke)
12 Harlem Blues
13 Black Cool
14 Ms. Coretta
15 Soldier (feat. Shirley Murdock)
16 The Rose N' Thorn

5. A Man's Thoughts, Ginuwine

G's sixth studio album drops June 23 via Notifi/Warner Bros. Records.

1. Interlude
2.Show Off
3. Trouble (feat. Bun B)
4. Last Chance
5. Interlude
6. One Time For Love
7. Open The Door
8. Get Involved (feat. Timbaland & Missy Elliott)
9. Orchestra
10 Touch Me
11 Lying To Each Other
12 Even When I'm Mad
13 Bridge To Love (feat. Brandy)
14 Used To Be The One
15 Show Me The Way

6. Honey I'm Home, Al B. Sure!

Al B. Sure! returns with new album on June 23 via Hidden Beach Recordings. Honey I’m Home is his first studio release in 17 years.

1. I Love It (Papi Aye Aye Aye)
2. I'm Glad
3. Top Of Your Lungs
4. Lady In My Life
5. All I Wanna Do
6. By The Way
7. Only You
8. Fragile
9. 4 Life
10 Never Stop Loving You
11 Dedicate
12 Whatcha Got

7. The Real Thing, Vanessa Williams

Vanessa's 13th album comes out June 2. The album, which is her first for Concord Records, features two new songs ("Loving You" and "Just Friends," both written by Babyface), plus remakes of tracks originally recorded by Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, Bebel Gilberto and others.

1. Breathless
2. Hello Like Before
3. Loving You
4. Just Friends
5. The Real Thing
6. Lazy Afternoon
7. Close To You
8. I Fell In
9. October Sky
10 Come On Strong
11 If There Were No Song

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8. Classique, Will Downing

Will Downing returns with his 14th collection of sensual grooves on June 16. Classique is his second album for Peak Records.

1. Ride
2. More Time (Tic Toc)
3. Something Special
4. Just Think About It
5. I Won't Stop
6. Love Suggestions
7. I'm Gonna Love You A Little More
8. Let's Make It Now
9. Baby I'm For Real
10 Statue Of A Fool

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9. Bring Back the Love, Reggie Calloway

Reggie Calloway is a five-time Grammy nominated singer/songwriter/producer and a founding member of The Calloway Brothers and '80s funk band Midnight Star. His latest album of romantic ballads and smooth grooves drops June 2.

1. Bring Back the Love
2. I'm the Very One
3. Walking Between Raindrops
4. Sabrina
5. Man's Gotta Do
6. Going the Wrong Way
7. It's You
8. Hotel Lonely Room
9. My Lady
10 So in Love
11 You Are My Music

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10. Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music: Vol. 1 & 2, Ray Charles

This collection of Country song remakes was originally released as two albums in the 1960s, but is now packaged together for the first time. It drops June 2.

1. Bye Bye Love
2. You Don't Know Me
3. Half As Much
4. I Love You So Much It Hurts
5. Just A Little Lovin'
6. Born To Lose
7. Worried Mind
8. It Makes No Difference Now
9. You Win Again
10 Careless Love
11 I Can't Stop Loving You
12 Hey, Good Lookin'
13 You Are My Sunshine
14 No Letter Today
15 Someday
16 Don't Tell Me Your Troubles
17 Midnight
18 Oh, Lonesome
19 Take These Chains From My Heart
20 Your Cheating Heart
21 I'll Never Stand In Your Way
22 Making Believe
23 Teardrops In My Heart
24 Hang Your Head In Shame

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