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New R&B Albums: August 2008

What's New?


What's new? Not a whole lot this month. R&B is one of those music genres that cools off as the weather heats up, meaning there's generally not a lot of new R&B/Soul songs or albums released between Memorial Day in late May and Labor Day, in early September. So although there likely will be a plethora of good new music next month, August is pretty weak. The most significant releases are the new album by rising stars Lloyd and Solange, followed by the debut releases from squeaky-clean teenager Karina Pasian and gritty, grimy crooner KeAnthony. Check below for the full list.

1. "Lessons In Love," Lloyd

Image © Universal Motown.
Lloyd, best known for hits like "You" and "Get It Shawty," returns Aug. 5 with his third album via Universal Motown Records. Interestingly, the final version doesn't include the album's first single, "How We Do It," featuring Ludacris.

1. Sex Education
2. Girls Around The World (feat. Lil Wayne)
3. Treat U Good
4. Year of the Lover
5. I Can Change Your Life
6. Lose Your Love
7. Have My Baby
8. Love Making 101
9. Party All Over Your Body
10 Touched By An Angel
11 I'm Wit It
12 Heart Attack

2. "Sol-AngeL and the Hadley St. Dreams," Solange

© Geffen Records.
Five years after her debut album was released, Beyonce's younger sister will finally drop her sophomore set on Aug. 26 via Music World Entertainment/Geffen Records.

1. God-Given Name
2. 6 O' Clock Blues
3. I Decided, Part 1
4. Sandcastle Disco (feat. Q-Tip)
5. T.O.N.Y.
6. I Told You So
7. Would've Been The 1
8. An Ode to Marvin
9. ChampagneChronicNightCap (feat. Lil Wayne)
10 Valentine's Day
11 Cosmic Journey (feat. Bilal)
12 This Bird
13 White Picket Dreams
14 Wanna Go Back (feat. Marsha Ambrosius and Q-Tip)

3. "A Hustlaz Story," KeAnthony

© Reprise Records.
The debut album by the singer formerly known as Cruna comes out Aug. 5 via Reprise Records.

1. Down Girl
2. That's What I'll Be
3. I Ain't Tryna'
4. This Feelin'
5. My Song
6. Forever My Homie
7. I Thought
8. Everytime I'm High
9. A Hustlaz Story
10 Call Me
11 Meddlin'
12 It's Okay

4. "First Love," Karina Pasian

© Def Jam.
The debut album by this teenage prodigy is due out Aug. 19 via Def Jam, led by the hit single "16 At War" (aka "Sixteen @ War").

1. 90s Baby
2. Baby Baby
3. Can't Find the Words
4. 16 At War
5. Winner
6. Can You Handle It
7. The Love We Got
8. They Ain't Gotta Love You
9. Slow Motion 10 Can't Bring Me Down
11. First Love

5. "Metropolis: The Chase Suite (Special Edition)," Janelle Monae

Metropolis is an EP that was originally released in 2007, before Janelle was signed to Diddy's Bad Boy label. But now the EP, which was executive-produced by OutKast's Big Boi, is being re-released on Aug. 12 as a special edition with two new songs.

1. March of The Wolfmasters
2. Violet Stars Happy Hunting!
3. Many Moons
4. Cybertronic Purgatory
5. Sincerely, Jane
6. Smile
7. Mr. President

6. "Witness Protection," Dave Hollister

© Gospelcentric Records.
R&B/Soul man Dave Hollister, a former member of '90s vocal group BLACKstreet, continues his foray into Gospel with his new album. It's due out Aug. 12 via Gospelcentric Records.

1. I'm Here
2. Glow
3. More of You
4. Standing
5. Striving
6. I Know I Can
7. Church
8. The Greatest
9. Don't Stop
10 Calm Da Sea
11 Look Up
12. Secret Place
13 Bless Me
14 You Are
15 Just Worship
16 Champion

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7. "Get Used to It: Tom Moulton Mixes," The Brand New Heavies

© Delicious Vinyl.
This album, which contains remixes of tracks from the Heavies' most recent release, will be in stores Aug. 5 via the Delicious Vinyl label.

1. We've Got
2. I Don't Know Why (I Love You)
3. Get Used To It
4. Sex God
5. Let's Do It Again
6. We Won't Stop
7. Right On
8. Music
9. I Just Realized
10 All Fired Up
11 Love Is
12 I've Been Touched

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