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About Eric Benet


About Eric Benet

Born & Raised:

Full name: Eric Benet Jordan.
Born: Oct. 15, 1966 in Mobile, Alabama. Raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Early Life:

Eric Benet was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the youngest of five children. His household was a musical one, and he grew up listening to '70s Soul and R&B artists like Al Green, Sly Stone, Donny Hathaway, Chaka Kahn, Earth, Wind and Fire, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder. His love for music manifested itself at an early age: as a kid, he sang in his church's Gospel choir as well as school plays and musicals. From an early age, he focused on making singing his career, and by the time he was in his early 20s, he had achieved a small amount of local success as a member of a male singing group called Gerard. He later formed a group called Benet with his sister Lisa and a cousin, George Nash, Jr.

Music Career:

The musical trio Benet released one self-titled album in 1992, when Eric was in his mid-20s. The album, however, was not a commercial or critical success and the group eventually split up. During a down period, Eric worked a job outside the music industry while continuing to moonlight as a singer. In 1992, he signed with Warner Bros. Records as a solo artist, and his debut album, True to Myself, was released in 1996. But it wasn't until his sophomore album, A Day in the Life, that he had his first big hit songs. The tracks "Georgie Porgie," a duet with Faith Evans, and "Spend My Life With You," featuring Tamia, were both hits on R&B radio; the Tamia duet even reached No. 1 on the Billboard chart and was nominated for a Grammy. Today, Eric is still an active recording artist today, with one of his more recent hits being 2010's "Sometimes I Cry."

Relationships & Children:

As of early 2012, Eric has two children: India, who was born in 1991 to his then-girlfriend, Tami. Tami died in a car accident about 15 months after the child was born. His other daughter, Lucia, who was born in December, 2011.
On July 31, 2011, Eric married Manuela Testolini, who herself was once married to the singer Prince. It was his second marriage.
From 2001 to 2005, Eric was married to actress Halle Berry, but they actually split in 2003. At the time, she had alleged that Eric was a sex addict who had cheated on her. The divorce was finalized in January 2005.


2012: The One
2010: Lost in Time
2008: Love & Life
2005: Hurricane
2001: Better and Better
1999: A Day in the Life
1996: True to Myself

Notable Quote:

"I am not a sex addict. I am a person who … through a series of emotional events, troubles, challenges, made some really, really stupid, painful mistakes." -- Eric Benet to ABC News in July, 2004 regarding his marriage to Halle Berry and her claims that he was a sex addict.

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