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Trivia and FAQ

Answers to frequently-asked questions about R&B, Funk and Soul artists.

R&B Singer Deaths: 2010-Present
Posted Oct. 29, 2012.

Real Names of R&B Singers
The real names of popular vocalists, past and present.

Full Names of R&B and Soul Singers
Published Sept. 2, 2011.

What Is the 'Motown Sound'?
What is the so-called 'Motown Sound'?

Who Is Berry Gordy?
Facts and Biographical Info About Motown Music Mogul Berry Gordy.

Prince's Name
What's Prince's 'Real' Name?

Beyoncé's Full Name
Beyonce's full name is ...

Aaliyah's Full Name
Aaliyah's full name is ...

Ashanti's Full Name
The full name of R&B-pop star Ashanti.

Mýa's Full Name
R&B singer Mýa's full name is ...

Ne-Yo's Real Name
Ne-Yo's real name, and his stage name's meaning.

Babyface's Real Name
Babyface's Real Name

Ginuwine's Real Name
What is R&B singer Ginuwine's real name?

Stevie Wonder's Name
What is Stevie Wonder's True Name?

Dru Hill's Real Names
The real names of Dru Hill's members.

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