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Artist Bio: Lauryn Hill


Artist Bio: Lauryn Hill
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Born & Raised:

Full name: Lauryn Noelle Hill.
Born: May 25, 1975 in East Orange, NJ. Raised in New Jersey.

Early Life:

Lauryn Hill grew up in New Jersey and is the daughter of Valerie and Mal Hill. The entire family loved music and although the parents weren't full-timers in the entertainment industry, Mal did perform as a singer occasionally and Valerie played the piano. Lauryn's older brother Malaney was a multi-instrumentalist who played the guitar, drums and piano, among other instruments. Lauryn has said interviews that as a child, she would listen to her parents' 1960s soul record albums. She grew up singing, and in 1992 formed hip-hop trio The Fugees with friends Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel.

With the Fugees:

Around the time that the Fugees formed, Lauryn dropped out of Columbia University to pursue a career in entertainment. In 1993, she appeared in the film "Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit," performing two songs. The Fugees' debut album, Blunted on Reality, was released in February 1994. Although it only peaked at No. 62 on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop albums chart, it eventually sold over two million copies. It was group's second album, The Score, which came out in 1996 that made The Fugees a household name. The Score sold over six million copies, with much of the credit going to Lauryn's distinctive rapping and singing.

Going Solo:

After the success of The Score all three of the group's members started working on solo projects. Lauryn's, which was titled The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill was released in August 1998. Miseducation established Lauryn as a music industry superstar. As of 2011, it has sold over 10 million copies in the United States alone. Much of the album dealt with the friction within the Fugees, particularly the married Wyclef Jean publicly revealing that he and Lauryn had had an affair. The album, which had it's name inspired by two books with similar titles, spawned multiple hit singles and won five awards at the 1999 Grammys.

Hiatus & Comeback:

After the phenomenal success of Miseducation, Lauryn took a major step back from the public eye. In 2000, she stopped doing interviews and according to sources close to her became increasingly religious. She also began to raise her young family in Miami with her boyfriend, Rohan Marley, son of legendary reggae artist Bob Marley. The couple met & started dating in 1996 while the Fugees were touring in support of The Score. In July 2001, Lauryn made a short-lived comeback when she taped an MTV Unplugged special. Critics were split on the resulting live album, which presented a more raw, stripped-down version of Lauryn.

The Second Coming:

Between 2003 and 2010, Lauryn recorded sporadically, including songs with Ronald Isley, Joss Stone and John Legend. She continued to perform live during this time, but sometimes appeared late and dressed bizarrely, such as wearing an afro hairdo and unusual, clown-like makeup. In early 2010, she made a return to touring and throughout the year performed at a series of festivals throughout the U.S. and Europe. In June of that year, she confirmed that she was recording music for a new album. She headline her own small venue tours in late 2010 and early-to-mid 2011.


As a Solo Artist:
2002: MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 (live).
1998: The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

With The Fugees:
1996: The Score.
1994: Blunted on Reality.

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