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Patti LaBelle - 'Miss Patti's Christmas'

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Patti LaBelle - 'Miss Patti's Christmas'

Album cover © Def Soul Classics.

The Bottom Line

When you say the word 'Christmas,' it has many different meanings to different people. For some, the word is most associated with gifts or shopping. For others, it's synonymous with love or romance. Others most associate the word Christmas with snow or vacationing. But on her latest holiday album, Miss Patti's Christmas, Patti LaBelle reminds us all about the true meaning of Christmas: spirituality. It's a holiday that's meant as a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus along with friends and loved ones. And on the album, Patti makes this abundantly clear without even really having to try.
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  • Very good singing.
  • Tasteful production.
  • Positive messages.


  • None.


  • R&B Christmas music.
  • New and classic material
  • Spiritual songs.

Guide Review - Patti LaBelle - 'Miss Patti's Christmas'

For anyone who's ever wondered why and how Patti LaBelle has managed to stay a relevant, successful recording artist while so many other singers have come and gone over the years, Miss Patti's Christmas is a perfect example why. Patti puts her all into singing each and every one of the 10 songs on the album. There's not a single lackluster performance, nor a poorly sung note on the entire album. Patti, who turns 64 in May 2008, is a true pro's pro and manages to put singer's half her age to shame.

The album consists of six classic holiday songs, plus four new ones - "Christmas Jam," "Holidays Mean More To Me," "It’s Going To Be A Merry Christmas," and "Nativity" - all of which were co-written by the album's producers, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. The album starts off with a couple of songs that more than obviously aim for mainstream appeal, but then the good stuff kicks in with the third song, "What Do the Lonely Do At Christmas?," followed by one of the album's standout songs, the beautiful ballad "Holidays Mean More To Me."

Another excellent song is the album's one true Gospel track, "Jesus, Oh What a Wonderful Child," which features The Soul Seekers. The song, as it's title implies, praises Jesus, as do a few other songs on the album. But despite the spiritual overtures of some songs, Miss Patti's Christmas isn't a "religious" album. It's songs can be enjoyed not just by Christians or people who celebrate Christmas, but by anyone who enjoys well-sung traditional R&B.

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