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Q&A with Ciara

Part II


Q&A with Ciara

"Evolution" cover © LaFace Records.

Q: Talk a little bit about the collaborative process with Will.i.am.

Ciara: I've got to say working with Will.i.am, the song that I co-produced with him is called "Get In, Fit In." We also do another song called, "Do It," which is released on the international album and to work with him is a lot of fun. He’s such a sweet person. He has so much energy and his story, his life story to me is so intriguing. It's just really cool to see him come up and just had a lot of fun. We talked about so many different things in life that we cracked up. We danced around. It was a lot of fun and he's definitely an energetic musician.

Q: You called this album, The Evolution, and I also read that you said you want longevity in this business. Can you picture what an album of yours might sound like in 10 years?

Ciara: I have no idea. It's funny because I learn more about myself every day, you know. For example, I'm now co-producing, which is something new for me. I can really see myself going somewhere else with that and just taking that to another level for myself. And you know, even as a writer, I'm just pushing myself harder and harder every day and really want to tap into different things. And I'm hearing so many different melodies and different sounds and it's like I don't like just one sound of music. So I get inspired by all different types of things. So it's kind of like I have no idea of where I'll be. You know, ten years from now, I'm hoping that 10 years from now everything would just be like - I don't know what I could say to explain it but just hopefully more and more millions of records sold. I know that if we hit that point it's like I really, really, really made a mark in music. I don't know. Ten years from now, that's kind of far. It would be interesting to see what will happen. But I think it would be definitely something great. I'll claim it.

Q: Why was "Promise" the first single?

Ciara: Well, it's funny because this record was one of the songs I recorded, I guess you could say, early on and like in the middle of the recording process, so when I was picking the first single, my whole album wasn't complete, and I felt like, out of all the songs I recorded at that point, you know, "Promise" was one of them. I thought it was like one of the most unique sounding records and it was one of the strongest records, you know, because of the production but also because of the record as a whole to me, something really different. And it's just very strong to me. And also, just for me, to me it all symbolizes growth. Growth in me as a writer. Growth in me as an artist. And just I really wanted to go somewhere else with it, you know. And that's how that record was chosen. When I did a recap of all the records I released prior to my first single for this album, I noticed that all of them were up-tempo. You know, and I wanted to change it up and still make sure the elements, you know, that people know me and my fans know me for we're still in there such as the dancing so, you know, I wanted to try something different, you know, change the pace a little bit and that's what I did with this record. I felt it was perfect for that.

Q: Has the songwriting gotten easier for you in the process?

Ciara: Absolutely. You know, I've noticed over the course of years, for me, you know, I signed my first publishing deal when I was 15 years old so I've been writing since then and I can feel the growth in me every year. You know, every record I try to push myself harder and harder. And just like go somewhere else with the melodies and everything and I can definitely feel the growth in me as a writer. It's really cool because it's like I'm trusting myself even more, you know. Sometimes I like to call my other friends to come in, you know, help me write because I want to add different flavor to the songs like even if I could do the records on my own, sometimes it's cool to do that to me to have change. You know, so it doesn't become so monotonous at the same time. The blessing is I can do it on my own so you know, I'm pushing myself harder and harder every day and I'm having fun, and let's say I feel really blessed to be able to do it. If I couldn't do it, I wouldn't do it. But being that I can, I'm going to utilize my talent to the best that I can, you know?

Q: What would you say to an aspiring artist is the one thing that you learned being in the music industry, just being in it and no one was able to warn you about?

Ciara: Trust. Being very very careful about trusting everyone. You can really think a person has your back when their purpose or their intentions are, you know, could really just be, their motives, you know, could really be more so just business-driven, you know, and not to take things too personal. It's very important. Understanding a situation, if it's in business, you understand it, you will treat it that way. But if you start to be emotional about it and take things personally, then you'll react that way and my advice is definitely just to really be aware. Keep your eyes open and to be careful about trusting everyone.

Q: On this and your last album, you have really positive messages to teens and women. Can you talk a little bit about that and what inspired you to carry this message in many of your songs?

Ciara: You know what, when I write my records, I write them with my women in mind. Young women and just women period, older women because I feel like a lot of things we go through are very, very relatable, like you know so with that being said, I get inspired by that, you know, and the cool thing is that music is a way of expressing yourself and knowing the power of song, also inspires me. Knowing that sometimes when you go through some things, you can turn on a record and it can help you move through a situation, or help you through, help you feel better. That inspires me.

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