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Q&A with Ciara

The Princess Speaks


Q&A with Ciara

"Evolution" cover © LaFace Records.

Media Q&A with Ciara: Dec. 6, 2006

Q: Your album is called Evolution and we can clearly see that you've evolved even with the first video as a sexier tone than some of your usual work. Is that something that was within your comfort zone and made you want to go in that direction with this album?

Ciara: Well, honestly, I'm just being me. You know, beginning with the title of my album, I felt it was perfect because I had truly evolved as an artist and as a woman. In this case, a lot of things that you see me do are honestly, just natural changes for me like I was growing. You know, I guess you can say "Promise" was definitely one of the first or even with the "Get Up" video to me that was definitely something different for me and the energy was - it was growing. But this "Promise" video is definitely - when I was thinking about picking the first thing from my album, I felt this was perfect because of the track alone to me is, it just makes a statement. And then the record was something different from what people were used to hearing me do. So this record does have more, I guess you could say, a mature sounding, sexier vibe. But honestly, I'm just being me, you know, and just to feel more comfortable to me naturally, you know?

Q: When you first hit the scene, you were like this new teen sensation, and then, in just a short span of like a year-and-a-half, two years, you know, Evolution, you're this grown woman. You have a sexier approach. So how do you plan on bringing your younger fans along for that ride?

Ciara: More than anything, I realize I've really been blessed with you know, with just being able to make great music and that's where it starts for me because at the end of the day, I feel like the cool thing is that my records kind of carries all audiences like from adults to kids, just everybody. But it's like you don't want to leave anyone behind or you don't want to, you know, leave out anyone period. And the blessing for me is my music kind of does that for me. You know, like, I hear kids singing, you know, "1, 2 Step" or singing "Goodies." I hear adults singing it and dancing around so I could say that's really the blessing for me in this case. You know, I think more than anything, too, my fans will continue to grow with me.

Q: So your CD comes with an instructional dancing DVD?

Ciara: Yes, it does. What I'm doing is showing you some of the different routines from both "Get Up" video, the "Get Up" video and "Promise" as well.

Q: What audience do you have in mind with that DVD?

Ciara: Everybody, you know, I don't think you can just think of one person because the cool thing is, you know, everyone loves to dance. You know, I've realized that and it's a part of what I do and I realize that more and more every day. You know, first with me doing it, I was younger, I wanted to dance, you know. And now, I'm older and I still love it. You know, my mom loves to dance, my dad loves to dance. They're much older than I am so you know, it's definitely for everybody. I think everyone can get in there and actually like work it out. It's funny 'cause I always say to people, dancing is one way to do cardio and all kind of cool things so you know, if you're trying to work on like dropping a little bit of weight, you probably can just keep on trying it and then, it'll be like fun. You know, it's like dancing to me is something that's really cool. When you try to work out and you're trying to get together like for me, it works out really cool for me so I think the people will enjoy it.

Q: How do you feel about comparisons to Janet or Aaliyah?

Ciara: I have to say my ultimate inspiration is Michael, but Janet was definitely one person I loved to watch growing up and I think she's such an amazing performer and she's contributed so many great things to the musical trend. Because of that I am inspired by her as an artist. When I get the comparison to Aaliyah, I can definitely say that I get touched more than anything when people tell them I remind them of her on a personal note because all I heard was people say a lot of great tings about her so I take it as a big compliment in that sense. And going back to Janet you know, someone told me that works with her, that they see that the reason they see a resemblance if because of our energy. And one thing I can say is we both do a tremendous amount of dancing. At the same time, I feel like all three of us have our own styles. I think that we all, you know, have, we have our own style and when it comes to music and you know, videos and things, and just dancing, period. And you know, I think you can definitely find some similarities but I don't think they're forced, at least from my end. I'm just being me. And I really want the people to see me as me. You know, even with Janet in particular, since I did hear so much of the comparisons, I don't want to do anything that's she's done. I don't want to emulate any moves that she's done at all, but I would love to have the same amount of success that's she's had in her career. She's truly a legend and I would love to be that one day. I would love to be an icon. But just definitely do everything in my own way.

Q: It seems like a lot of ATL artists break into the movies at some point. When do you plan to?

Ciara: Well, you know, I've had my first film experience for a MTV film called "All You've Got." You know, I'm definitely ready to grow with that. I also want to take my time and perfect it. You know, the same as I try to perfect my music so that when you do see me in that light, you can, see the difference between me as an artist and as an actress.

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