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Best Remakes of Prince Songs - R & B/Soul - About.com
Out of all the artists in popular music, few have been as generous as Prince when it comes to letting other artists cover and remake his songs. Because of this ...
Best Country/Soul Crossovers, Cover Songs & Collaborations
Although they seem like distant relatives now, R&B and Country & Western used to be close cousins back in the day. In the 1960s and '70s many R&B artists, ...
Best R&B Versions of Rock/Pop Songs - R & B/Soul - About.com
Originally by Creedence Clearwater Revival, this is another one of those cover songs that is just as strongly identified with the artists who remade it as it is with ...
Can I Use A Cover Song on a Music Demo - Cover Songs and Music ...
Is it ok to use a cover song on a music demo. Find out if adding a cover song to your record demo will help your case or hurt it.
Michael Jackson Rock Cover Songs - Rock Stars ... - Rock Music
A list of rock artists who have collaborated with Michael Jackson or covered his songs.
The Top Cover Versions of '80s Songs - 80s Music - About.com
A cover can always serve as a demonstration of pop culture parody, but ... a look (in no particular order) at some of the best cover versions of '80s songs to be ...
Top Ten Covers of Bob Marley Songs... - World Music - About.com
Bob Marley is one of the most covered musical artists in history, but very few non- reggae artists seem to cover his songs, and when they do, it's often ...
Adding CD Cover Album Art from the Web to iTunes - iPhone/iPod
Adding CD Cover Art from the Web to iTunes. itunes album art, step 4 -. Adding Cover Art to Multiple Songs. To add album cover artwork to albums that iTunes ...
How to Choose Songs for Music Demos - Music Careers - About.com
Choosing the right songs for your music demo is so important - after all, your music demo is your ... How to Match Your Cover Letter to a Job Description.
Best Bob Marley Cover Song - What is Your Favorite Cover of a Bob ...
Readers share their favorite covers of Bob Marley songs. Most of Bob Marley's greatest songs have been covered in one way or another over the years; what is  ...
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