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New Music: Usher feat. Rick Ross - 'Lemme See'

Monday April 30, 2012
As you probably already know if you're a devoted Usher fan, Mr. Raymond has a new album called Looking for Myself due out in a few weeks. Two singles have ... Read More

Free R&B: Miguel - Art Dealer Chic, Vol. 3 (Three-Song EP)

Monday April 30, 2012
Over the past couple of months, R&B-pop singer Miguel (of "All I Want is You" and "Sure Thing" fame), has released free three-song digital EPs on the 27th of the ... Read More

R&B News N Rumors: 4/29/12 Edition

Sunday April 29, 2012
Some of the more interesting R&B-related news and rumors from the past week: Chris Brown has been under fire from animal rights groups for selling pit bull puppies online for $1,000 ... Read More

New Music: Brandy - 'Put It Down' feat. Chris Brown

Friday April 27, 2012
R&B-pop singer (and reality TV star) Brandy is expected to release her sixth studio album, Two Eleven, later this Spring, and the first official single's now out. No, it's not ... Read More

New Music: Usher - 'Scream'

Thursday April 26, 2012
If you hadn't heard, R&B-pop superstar Usher is expected to release his seventh studio album, Looking for Myself, in late Spring. The first single, "Climax," has already reached No. 1 ... Read More

Free R&B: Jake & Papa - 'Somethin' Soulful' Mixtape

Wednesday April 25, 2012
If you remember the reality show "Brothers to Brutha," then the names Jake & Papa are probably familiar to you. The show, which aired on BET in late 2008, followed ... Read More

Album Review: Conya Doss - 'A Pocketful of Purpose'

Tuesday April 24, 2012
For just about a decade now, Cleveland-based singer-songwriter Conya Doss has built a respectable career in the music industry, despite choosing to self-release her music, thus remaining largely apart from ... Read More

R&B News N Rumors: 4/22/12 Edition

Sunday April 22, 2012
Some of the more interesting R&B-related news a rumors from the past week: The good news about R&B superstar Maxwell is that it's been announced that he's going on a concert ... Read More

Free R&B: Kevin Cossom - Hook Vs. Bridge II Mixtape

Thursday April 19, 2012
The name of up-and-coming R&B singer-songwriter Kevin Cossom may or may not seem familiar to you, but behind the scenes, he's accumulated a list of writing and production credits as ... Read More

Album Review: SWV - I Missed Us

Wednesday April 18, 2012
Until the U.S. release of I Missed Us on April 16, 2012, pop-R&B trio SWV hadn't put out an album since 1997's Release Some Tension. And although it's nice to ... Read More

Maxwell Announces Summer 2012 Concert Dates

Tuesday April 17, 2012
The good news is that R&B superstar Maxwell has announced that he's going on a concert tour during the summer of 2012. The bad news is that unless you're in one ... Read More

New Music: Kevin McCall feat. Big Sean - 'Naked'

Tuesday April 17, 2012
After appearing on and producing songs for numerous other urban music artists, including Keri Hilson, Trey Songz and Kelly Rowland, singer-rapper Kevin McCall, aka K-Mac, is jump starting his own ... Read More

New Music: Eric Benet - 'Harriett Jones'

Monday April 16, 2012
It's a common scenario in R&B songs: man does wrong, woman leaves man (or kicks him out), man begs woman for forgiveness. It's such a worn formula that it's almost ... Read More

Album Review: K'Jon - Moving On

Monday April 16, 2012
Despite a single that set a record on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in 2009 and an album that topped the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart the same year, the name ... Read More

New Music: Josh Xantus - 'Movie Star'

Sunday April 15, 2012
Over the past couple of years, up-and-coming R&B singer Josh Xantus has released a number of songs and mixtapes showcasing his status as one of urban music's best young rising ... Read More

R&B News N Rumors: 04/14/12 Edition

Saturday April 14, 2012
Some of the more interesting R&B-related news and rumors from the past week: In an interview with Essence magazine, Monica says, among other things, that she and Brandy are trying to ... Read More

New Music: Chris Brown - 'Sweet Love'

Wednesday April 11, 2012
Chris Brown's upcoming album, Fortune, is due out next month and hot on the heels of the album's first official single, he's released a new track, "Sweet Love." And for ... Read More

Soundtrack Review: Various Artists - Think Like a Man

Tuesday April 10, 2012
The film Think Like a Man doesn't come out until 10 days after the soundtrack, so it remains to be seen if the film's a quality production. But if it's ... Read More

Album Review: Monica - New Life

Monday April 9, 2012
There's little doubt that Monica is one of the best pure singers in R&B today. In an industry where vocalists increasingly rely on studio technology and crafty producers to make ... Read More

R&B News N Rumors: 04/07/12 Edition

Saturday April 7, 2012
Some of the more interesting R&B-related news and rumors from the past week: Rihanna has released a short film set in Havana in 1956, during the Cuban Revolution. In it, she ... Read More

Album Review: Quantic and Alice Russell - Look Around the Corner

Saturday April 7, 2012
Alice Russell may not be as well known in the U.S. and around the world as other members of the new school of British pop-Soul singers like Joss Stone, Adele ... Read More

New Music: Ray Lavender - 'Tequila'

Thursday April 5, 2012
Up to this point, R&B singer Ray Lavender has been best known for two things: his minor 2007 hit "My Girl Gotta Girlfriend" and appearing as a contestant on the ... Read More

Free R&B: Bei Maejor - Upscale EP

Tuesday April 3, 2012
You may or may not be familiar with the name Bei Maejor, but if you're a fan of modern R&B, it's likely that you're familiar with some of his work. ... Read More

New R&B/Soul Albums: April 2012

Monday April 2, 2012
Spring has sprung, and popping up with it are a number of new releases by artists well known to R&B fans. Leading the list of April 2012's new R&B albums ... Read More

R&B News N Rumors: 04/01/12 Edition

Sunday April 1, 2012
Some of the more interesting R&B-related news and rumors from the past week: Usher says his seventh studio album, Looking For Myself, will be released June 12 through RCA Records. The ... Read More

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