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Album Review: Jamie Lidell - 'Jamie Lidell'

By February 19, 2013

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If you grew up loving 1980s R&B -- or what passed for R&B back in the '80s -- you're likely to dig what British soul-electronic artist Jamie Lidell has cooked up for his self-titled fifth studio album. The album, which was released in the U.S. Feb. 19, 2013 is a collection of synthesizer heavy jams that evoke memories of groups like the Dazz Band, Mtume and LeVert. But this isn't just some one-time retro R&B experiment. Throughout his career, Jamie has straddled the line between Soul, electronic and R&B and this latest release just represents the latest step in his evolution as an artist. And Jamie Lidell the album isn't just a one-dimensional look back at the past; there's also quite a few innovative, futuristic songs here that sound several years ahead of their time. Take a helping of '80s synthesized R&B (think of Janet Jackson's groundbreaking 1986 album, Control, and you get the idea), add a healthy dose of electro music (a la Midnight Star), toss in some futuristic industrial-type sounds and then stir well and what you get, more or less, is Jamie Lidell's self-titled fifth album. This collection of songs is so adventurous and hops back and forth so much musically that there's no way that an American urban music artist would have recorded or released it, not in today's overly cautious, creatively stagnant U.S. music marketplace. But to Jamie's credit, he seems much more motivated by crafting quirky, interesting songs than getting anywhere near the top of the charts. For more, click the link to check out the full review of Jamie Lidell's self-titled fifth album.


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