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Free R&B: Kevin Michael - 'Brainwa$h' Mixtape

By January 25, 2013

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Some of us still remember Kevin Michael from his single "We All Want the Same Thing," from 2007, back when the Pennsylvania native was rocking an Afro. And although the single and his self-titled debut album came and went here in the U.S. without much fanfare (just like his 'fro), Kev didn't up and disappear; he's continued grinding over the years and putting out new music. His latest project is a digital mixtape called Brainwa$h, a sonicly adventurous ride that crosses numerous musical genres, including pop, Soul, Hip-Hop and traditional R&B. Think Miguel crossed with Dawn Richard and you'll kinda get the idea. Despite this release being labeled a mixtape, it's basically a full-blown album, not a half-baked release. In a note addressing the mixtape's release on his Bandcamp page, Kevin explains why he decided to make it available without attaching a price tag to it.

"If you aren't familiar with my music, feel free to download at your own leisure + enjoy. If you ARE familiar with my work however, you know I don't do anything half-assed. I try to put my foot in EVERYTHING! With that being said, I strongly suggest you make a donation to the 'keep a biracial boy alive' foundation. What's $1 for almost forty minutes of music? Please, have a heart...and in exchange I'll give you my art."

As he explained, Brainwa$h can be downloaded for free at Bandcamp, or if you so choose, you can set your own price and pay whatever you feel it's worth. And you can try before you buy, of course: the full thing's available for streaming at both Bandcamp and SoundCloud (note: some lyrics are NSFW). Links are included below.


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