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New Music: Kevin McCall - 'High'

By January 22, 2013

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Just a few weeks ago, singer-songwriter Kevin McCall was featured in the 2013 edition of Who's Next: the Future of R&B, an annual shout-out to various up-and-coming young vocalists who represent the direction urban music is headed in. As mentioned in Who's Next, McCall -- who's best known up to this point for appearing on Chris Brown's comeback single "Deuces" -- is expected to release his debut album, ADHD, sometime in 2013. The first single, "Naked," which features the rapper Big Sean, dropped back in the spring of 2012. And although no official release date has been announced, the release of a new single suggests that the time might come sooner rather than later. The track is a Roger Troutman/Zapp-influenced track called "High," where Kevin makes use of what sounds like a talk box effects unit to embellish the song's somewhat laid-back tone. "High," which was produced by Young Lad, is sort of like the flip side to "Naked." Although both songs are about K-Mac's favorite subject -- sex -- "Naked" was more of fun, party song, while "High" is a bit more subtle in its approach. On the new track, McCall's less direct and more metaphorical in his approach as he compares good sex to potent drugs. Sample lyrics:

"Girl I'ma take you high, Higher than you've ever been, Addicted by the full ride, Higher than you've ever been, High, just wanna get, get you right, When I tell you jump, you say how high, Higher than you've ever been."

Not exactly the clever use of words in an R&B songs, but they definitely manage to help set a mood and tone. No words yet on when ADHD could be released or if "High" is even an official single from the album, but the track can be streamed via K-Mac's official SoundCloud page; a link's included below.


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