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Album Review: The Floacist - 'Floetry Re:Birth'

By November 13, 2012

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It's been seven years since the English R&B/Hip-Hop group known as Floetry released their third and final album, and more than five years since the duo broke up and went their separate ways. And although one half of the former duo, singer Marsha Ambrosius, (aka The Songstress) has chosen to move on and apparently put the past behind her, the other half, poet and singer Natalie Stewart (aka The Floacist) has other plans. As evidenced by her second solo album, Floetry Re:Birth, The Floacist has no intention of letting the Floetry name fade away. Re:Birth, which was released in the U.S. Nov. 13, 2012, mourns the past -- sometimes bitterly -- but also paves the way for a potentially bright future. Many times when a relationship falls apart, it can be somewhat more difficult for one half of that partnership than the other to deal with the break-up and move on. And that seems to somewhat be the case here with Floetry Re:Birth. The nods to the Floacist's old group are numerous here, obviously starting with the title, but also extending to the tone and content of some of the songs. For more, click the link to read the full review of the Floacist's Floetry Re:Birth.


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