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Album Review: Bobby Brown - 'The Masterpiece'

By June 7, 2012

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Bobby Brown - MasterpieceSince Bobby Brown titled his fifth studio album The Masterpiece, and since he's previously said this is the best work of his career, you'd expect it to be a pretty good comeback for him, at the very least. But unfortunately the album -- which was released June 5, 2012 and is his first studio release since 1997's Forever -- not only doesn't live up to its name or the hype, it's one of the most poorly sung R&B releases of the year. And that's a shame, because not only is the lyrical content not bad, his producers give him some pretty good melodies to work with. The problem here is that Bob's voice obviously isn't up to carrying a full load at this stage of his career. For more, click the link to check out the full review of Bobby Brown's The Masterpiece.


June 12, 2012 at 8:03 am
(1) tha royalmojo says:

the drug & alcohol abuse has taken a toll on his voice. this is one artist that i would never support because of his character & lack of morality.

June 25, 2012 at 5:18 am
(2) Abiy says:

What are you talking about …This is By Far The Best Album That Came Out in 2011-2012 ..are you saying Just Bebber’s album is Great …or are you just hating on Bobby Like always like everybody …because of what you thought Bobby Did to Whitney?…come on man! this is by Far The Best Album of The Year ..I don’t care if you hate the man or whatever … All Ten songs on The album have Great Meaning unlike today’s artist (Not Like Shake Your A@@ or I wanna to F$%u type of Song) … The Album have Lil Bit Of Rock ,Lil Bit of Funk, Lil Bit Of Country and R&B … Songs Like Set Me Free …are Just great songs that can Bang in Any Club and has great meanings … Doesn’t anybody Know …Is the Funkiest Song You wanna Hear … Exit Wounds is Just An All Time Classic Love song …. Man I want To Be … Is A Song that Talks About The Mistakes We All make In Our Lives … Songs Like Damage Talks about heart Broken Girl … Get Out The Way , Can’t give up … are real songs that talks about after all Bobby has been through he is still standing strong and living life to the fullest … I know one thing All The Dj won’t give a chance to play ..because its not cool to play Bobby Brown’s songs …But One Thing for sure is that A Great song is a Great Song and After all this B…S about Bobby is over they will start listening to this album … And Bobby will not stop Making Great Songs ..Just like The song Can’t give up …No matter what the Haters gonna say !!!

June 25, 2012 at 5:26 am
(3) Abiy says:

One More Thing When Bobby Called The Album The MASTERPIECE he is not talking about how the songs are great… But he is talking about himself …Because after all he has been through …After all the Hate He has Constantly received after all that Drug Problem…after His Mother Die and Father dies and also Whitney ….With The Help Of God he did not give up he But has come out has become a Better Built Brother …. God Made a Masterpiece Out Of Him !!

July 17, 2012 at 12:51 pm
(4) BigYella says:

Thx ABIY …. I agree with every word u said !!!!

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